My life revolves around Salomé. Now before making a decision, I always think of her. My daughter definitely changed my life for the better.

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¡Como no te voy a querer, Como no te voy a querer, Si me has hecho campeón de Europa por la Décima vez!
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shakira is not even a wag actually pique is her wag


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sob sob

1999 to 2014

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As some of you may or may not know, there’s a competition for ‘Best Helmet’ or smt in the GP2 Series & Stoffel is obviously part of it. He needs as much votes as possible to win this battle, so get voting!  Stoffel is currently 3rd with about 200 likes less than the 1st one, so SHAREEEEEEEE!
How do you vote? Well simple! All you have to do is like this picture on instagram: 

Would you guys PLEASE support this lovely fella?! Would really be awesome.. He’s about 300 likes behind so please like & share? Thanks ♥

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I’m so sorry I’m not posting any edits/gifs lately, but my photoshop hasn’t been working & I just can’t seem to find a solution.. Hopefully it will be sorted quickly so that I can get back to posting lots of stuff ^_^ SORRY!
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You call yourself a Sergio Ramos fan? Name 5 of his yellow cards.

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❝ Iker did not have a chance to do anything in that situation as he had a player in front of him. The mistake was at front post.
- Carlo Ancelotti, on Raul Garcia’s goal | 19-08-14
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